My #weekendcoffeeshare (04/17/21)

Come and join the share. Natalie is hosting the weekend coffee share.

I’ve been blogging here for a few years. I have found that I really like writing haiku / senryu and other syllabic poetry.

I’ll share the one i wrote that included coffee.

I’ve also started a bit of socializing with friends who have also been vaccinated. It feels good, yet scary a bit. Here is the photo I took with friends that met once a week via HouseParty, during the pandemic. (I’m the one in the middle.) We got pedicures (face masks inside, then next door for a coffee outside.

I also had many doctor appointments. Mostly just follow ups or yearly checks.

The weather here in our part of Texas has been unseasonably cool, but we got a good rain. The birds in our back yard/garden have been very plentiful. We love watching the birds and squirrels.

Have a wonderful week!!

©️RuthScribbles aka RuthEK

8 thoughts on “My #weekendcoffeeshare (04/17/21)

  1. I am a Massachusetts Beach Girl, so I have to ask, what kind of shell is that in the picture of the bird? The bird is probably the focal point, but I saw a large wavy shell, not unlike a scallop shell, but not like one either. Thanks for sharing this post. Best and blessings, Michele

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    1. I wish I knew. The shell was probably one my mother-in-law (RIP) picked up on one of her trips, back when you could find shells on the beach.

      I love the beach. My Dad and brother live in Mass (not far from Boston) and travel to the coast to watch the waves! (I’m jealous☺️)

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      1. I left home 50 years ago, but home did not leave me. I have been fortunate the last three years to travel back. Our beach is near the Cape Cod Canal, mild waves from the bay, not the ocean side. But water calls me in all its forms. Thanks for answering. Blessings, Michele

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