today’s scribble (04/20/21) #napowrimo #acrostic


Genocide – He easily committed murder.
Unremorseful he sat there with smug face.
Inflicting harm on a black man was easy, he thought.
Little did he realize pedestrians had a phone.
Trial by jury – he was convicted.
Yet, this is just the beginning. Time for justice.

all counts of murder
sent him off to jail

©️RuthScribbles aka RuthEK

3 thoughts on “today’s scribble (04/20/21) #napowrimo #acrostic

  1. Good job on the acrostic poem, Ruth.

    Justice served, but you’re right, this is just the beginning. On the same day, in Columbus Ohio, a 16 years old black girl was shot was shot FOUR TIMES by police. True, she had a knife in her hand, but 4 bullets??? Did she deserve the 4 bullets? What kind of training that the police had? Sorry, I’m rambling, but news like the one from Ohio made me angry and sad.

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