2021: Week 17 #52Frames – Nature

This 17th week of 2021, the subject is Nature.

TITLE: The Nature of Things

DESCRIPTION: Nature – natural habitat, or situational.

As nature would have it, my camera (operator) didn’t cooperate. It becomes a learning situation. I took, I’m sure, 75+ shots with my camera on a tripod. Well, I clicked my wire adapter clicker that many times….. I ended up with only 14 shots. 🤨 The camera made the shutter sound, the viewer blinked, but nothing, nada, zilch took once I plugged in the clicker.

I did manage to get this little guy on my first click. My backyard has become my at home NATURE oasis where I can watch and listen to the birds and squirrels.


backyard squirrel

©️RuthScribbles aka RuthEK

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