My Take – Weekend Coffee Share #18

Thank you, Natalie, for hosting this share!

This week I actually went out to shop and purchased plants for our empty “dead” space along our fence. I want to plant wild flowers there, but I have so much to learn that I’m probably too late for this year, but at least I have more color for the back corner garden. (And I purchased some plant markers so that I learn the plants names.) I’m happy they are thriving much better than last year.

the big oak that is sickly and the garden right behind it

Our tree specialist came by to advise on the care of our trees. My favorite back yard tree is struggling he said. The Texas snowgedon damaged all the trees some, and he said everything is a month later in the growth cycle.

a crow eating seed at base of big oak tree mentioned

This is the first year I have been outside sitting and working with the garden and such. My back is better and my allergies are so far treating me kindly. It’s also not been too warm, though it may have hit my threshold for working outside (80F/26.6C).

I’m fully vaccinated, and if you are too, come on over for a cup of coffee or tea, and I’ll show you our garden!

©️RuthScribbles aka RuthEK

12 thoughts on “My Take – Weekend Coffee Share #18

  1. Oh, to be fully vaccinated! I can’t wait.
    Your garden project sounds lovely. I’ve been working on something similar since we moved in, and I keep changing it every year.
    I hope your trees will recover with the warmer weather. Oak trees are glorious.

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  2. Your garden is looking good. There is still time for your new plants to flourish this spring and summer. I hope your favourite oak tree recovers. Thank you for your #WeekendCoffeeShare.

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