My #WeekendCoffeeShare, 05/22/21

Come on in and I’ll fix you a hot cup of your choice, coffee or tea. I prefer black coffee.

Let’s sit in my backyard sanctuary. I’m really trying to get some flowers blooming. Lots of magic happens here.

right side of backyard the two trees are pecan to the right are crape myrtle

This past week I saw the end of a chase-two squirrels escaped a hawk. I watched a bluejay chase a crow out of my yard, and a cardinal chase a butterfly. And to top it off, a hummer stopped at one of the feeders several times. (No pictures of these events. )

Thanks for stopping by!!

Natalie the Explorer is the host of the weekend coffee share. Go here to see how to join in!

©️Ruth Klein aka RuthScribbles

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