today’s scribble (05/22/21) #OMM #haiku #myphoto

I didn’t officially write a scribble yesterday, but I did write this, in case you missed it.

Several of my poems have been inspired by the One Minute Meditations (OMM) that I receive almost daily. Jennifer Westrom LPC, is the writer, and she is a psychotherapist.

Today’s theme was about it is ok to live an ordinary life, and to find peace with an ordinary life.

My life right now is very ordinary. And I am also (mostly) at peace with that. I wrote these haiku while meditating on the ordinary.

downy woodpecker enjoying suet

wasted days scrolling
mother nature’s call is strong
backyard—balm for soul

trees provide shelter 
squirrels escape hawk, finches sing
everyday—magic happens

©️Ruth Klein aka RuthScribbles

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