today’s scribble (05/26/21) #tankatuesday #themeprompt #tanka

This poem is in response to my current state of mind and it coincides with Colleen Chesebro’s prompt for this week. The theme is Travel/Journeys.

minutes turn to hours 
hours of living become days
days morph into years
years mark time on this planet
a life well lived—memories

©️Ruth Klein aka RuthScribbles

My view as I contemplated and wrote the above tanka

10 thoughts on “today’s scribble (05/26/21) #tankatuesday #themeprompt #tanka

  1. There comes a time when we all should recognize that we’ve done what we could and be satisfied. Age and time recording are all man made. Be young in your heart and continue to witness and enjoy nature 😀

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