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Today started off at 68°F. Lovely! Especially after hitting 90s the last couple of days with feels-like temps higher with the humidity. I’m planning on learning to tolerate and experience the heat a bit more this year. (That’s one reason I hate living in Texas-the oppressive heat-though it is more so in Houston!)

We are possibly expecting more rain today. Learning to care for my plants and the birds and trying to entice hummingbirds and butterflies 🦋 and bees 🐝 is fun.

Yet, I’ve been feeling weird this past week. My head feels out of order. Things I learned I forget-just not in sync. So much to read and learn that I go down so many rabbit holes. But at least a lot of that time I’m sitting on my back patio listening to birds and squirrels. (my new way to be mindful-yet, I bring this device with me-time to put it down?)

Here’s the problem-I can take on new things, but after 30-45 days I tend to get bored – I’m sure it has to do with ADD and it’s frustrating. I’m also working on lowering my anxiety, since doctors don’t take me seriously enough.

But, for weeklymiles The sun is shining and it is showing me the four-o’clock’s few blooms – already! Grab a cup of coffee and I’ll show you my sanctuary.

Just this little patch of four-o’clocks
Our four-o’clock forest
Bird sanctuary
My three backyard oaks
My favorite oak

Now it is time for me to eat something. Since I’ve finished two cups of coffee. But here’s one more photo from my chair on the patio looking at my favorite oak.

My view from patio toward my favorite oak.

Thank you so much for stopping by and listening to me! xo

©️Ruth Klein aka RuthScribbles

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23 thoughts on “today’s scribble (05/28/21) #musing #weekendcoffeeshare #weeklysmile #myphotos

  1. Same weather here in Kentucky this past week. Hot, and humid. Today, it’s a bit cooler with rain, rain, and more rain. Basking in it now, ’cause come August, it’s going to be bone dry and HOT! I love looking out at all the green right after a rain storm…it’s all so bright and vivid then… before the polution makes it look grey again. Enjoy the cooler temps… wear light colors and cotton cloth if you can, it will help with the heat…. especially white.

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  2. Today is cooler in PA too. I’m not sure I appreciate the cool weather as much as you. I was looking forward to a pool party this weekend. Your backyard is beautiful! What a lovely oasis. I love sitting on our deck out back and watching the birds as they flit around the trees.

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  3. What a splendid vista you have. Green is so calming. I see that you have had very warm temperatures …we are sliding into winter here in Australia and for the first time today is windy and cold.

    I love that you are doing all you can to be mindful. I do too. However, I agree, the device in the hand calls me more than necessary!

    Denyse #weekendcoffeeshare

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  4. Wow! With so much greenery around, you don’t need to depend on the doctors to cut down on your anxiety. Just place the yoga mat on the lawn in the morning and start practicing meditation. You’ll notice the change within a week 🙂

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  5. I could walk about this yard for a long time.
    Oaks in particular have and encourage long slow conversations.
    They have long attention spans and are fine just being among thoughtful company.
    So yes, that might be me standing out there thinking with them for extended periods of time.

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  6. What a beautiful tree! And yes, tending your garden to grow and invite good company (birds, hummingbirds, bees) is so enjoyable and rewarding! When I lived in an apartment, I had an urban garden on my balcony. I lived in the 3rd floor so it was nice to get birds paying a visit.

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  7. I loved your photos. I just planted some vegetables in containers, and my hanging baskets are blooming beautifully. I need to get out and weed eat around my blueberry bushes (without nicking them…lol). Your yard looks inviting.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. It is totally wet. The rains keep coming. I was going to rake and weed some beds.. that already exist but we’ve just left them alone until now. Oh well – in between storms the ground will be softer and it will be easier.


  8. You have a lovely backyard. I was camping this week and noticed several beautiful oak trees at our campsite, much like your favorite oak. They have lived long, good years, and we wondered at the stories they could tell of the campers who have spent evenings around the fire beneath their large limbs. Your oak could probably tell a few stories as well.

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