today’s scribble (07/05/21) #lost

searching for words but lost
I am trying to poem
poem to submit for publication
twenty iterations yet
not satisfied
am I just afraid to submit?
insecurity rocks my boat
how do I choose
how do I critique
I have edited and rewritten
created new
nothing will do
muse-where are you
please help!!

Yes! I’ve been working on a schedule submission piece and finding it a difficult process. That’s why I have not scribbled more this last week.

©️Ruth Klein aka RuthScribbles

10 thoughts on “today’s scribble (07/05/21) #lost

      1. You do this complex poetry very well. I mean I just throw words on a page and call it a poem. I couldn’t even begin to try and get syllables involved.
        I don’t get haiku much myself. When I click onto a post and find maybe 12 words I feel cheated lol. I want a proper poem or story to read!

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  1. advice you didn’t ask for….don’t overthink your work. It’s very very good. You’ll know when it misses the mark.

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