2021: Week 29 #52frames – Product Display #myphoto

This is the 29th week of 2021! The theme is Product Display.

Title: “WiFi Wildlife Camera”

Description: What better way to display the product, then having the product set up in real time. These cameras are ok for backyard bird watching, but fantastic for watching wildlife in the woods. (Or catching unwanted wildlife in your backyard – rats anyone?) I also purchased a tripod made to mount these cameras in and a solar panel “battery.” The feeder pictured here has been a favorite of all birds.

Of course I had to enhance the photo. It is for Product Display, after all. After a few touch ups in Snapseed, I then ran through the filters in Prisma and decided to take this more artistic product display.


“WiFi Wildlife Camera” #myphoto

©️Ruth Klein aka RuthScribbles

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