This week’s challenge is to use this picture and let our muse take us where e’er it goes. Ekphrastic poetry.

Annette Rochelle Aben

The photo reminded me of a childhood memory. We had never seen star fish (growing up in the city). My siblings and I went around collecting them – not surprisingly, our parents didn’t let us take them back to the place we were visiting. We threw them back in the water. Thank you for the memory. Here’s a senryu.

collecting star fish
waves crashing on rocky shore
childhood treasures

My muse also wanted me to write this haiku.

stars visit the sea
divine brilliance from above
let your light shine

©️Ruth Klein’s Scribbles


  1. This reminds me of when we were vacationing with my grands and one wanted to take back a seahorse…. Some live things need help returning to the sea. Even if some human tears are shed.

    The bones of starfish are a disk (at least some are). If dried whole there a some loose bones that can rattle.

    ‘Sea stars are invertebrates so they don’t have a backbone, but they do have a skeleton beneath their skin. This endoskeleton is made up of a complex network of hard bony plates made of calcium carbonate and held together by strong flexible tissues.’

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      1. I haven’t quite got my ‘Old Gal’ card… but I’m getting there 😉 My one grand is now in double digits… Time flies doesn’t it? 😀

        (Sent you an email… could have gone to spam – I’ve notice that the first time I send emails to new friends that seems to happen.)

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