today’s scribble (07/29/21) #memories #streamofthoughts

Today, 6 years ago, my sister-in-law died just 4 days before her 60th birthday.

Today, 2 years ago, our youngest grandchild was born.

Today, at 1am, our aunt fell and needed assistance. No broken bones, just bruised arm. This is her second fall in less than a week. The first-she lost her balance. Last night—either blood pressure dropped, or another minor tia. Will consult doctor today.

This makes me so sad. And as a senior myself and recovering from a horrible nose bleed 2.5 weeks ago-thankfully my husband was here to wake me and run and fetch and clean up whilst I was helping auntie.

We now know that we will need someone to spend the nights if/when we go out of town. Our daughter – has offered – and we will now accept her offer!!

I’m sitting outside drinking coffee and watching and listening to the birds.

Thank you for listening.

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