2021: Week 40 #52frames – Dreamscape #myphoto

This is the 40th week’s submission. The theme is dreamscape, extra credit-nightmares.

Title: “ Thankfully I Wake Up ”

Description: I dream all the time. Many mornings I wake up unsettled about something I dreamt, but I can’t remember what it was. It generally involves my past life (yes, I’ve had many lives in my current 68 years of life).

I took this photo out of Auntie’s backyard window (we are renaming this room the sun room). I took it through the sheers hanging across the window. I was considering a dreamscape, but lately it seems negative things pop up when I’m going to post things. I’m sure it is part of the grieving process of auntie dying, plus, 6 years ago today, we buried my mommy.

Process: I modified the coloring, and then when I found the filter “grunge” in SnapSeed, that helped to seal the deal.

What do you see in this photo? May you have pleasant dreams!

Thankfully I Wake Up


© Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

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