MY SMILE — The Weekly Smile for the 19th of October, 2021 #weeklysmile

Trent invites us to find a smile for the week.

My smile is BIG!!

Lost and Found

Our 31st anniversary was a week ago. We decided to treat ourselves to a night out (hotel), within walking distance of a fabulous restaurant.

Since it was our anniversary, I decided to wear the earrings that Jim gave me for our first anniversary. They have sentimental value. I was very careful taking my mask on and off, and then removed them and placed them on the couch night stand. I then later picked up my necklace and my earrings to put away.

The next morning I decided to just wear my necklace (avoiding the hassle of getting the mask tangled in the hoops).

When putting things away at home, I only found one earring. I was very very upset, but knew it had to be in the room. Either on the end table, or on the floor where my carry case was, or in the trash can.

Jim called right away and the desk person said they would ask housekeeping. Jim called again on the weekend and was told it was a different crew that cleaned our room and to call back mid week. I again asked him to call today. This desk person again said, I’ll check, and call you if we find it – mind, it was a week ago yesterday.

I was out running errands and Jim sent me a text.

Happy Dance

We went to pick it up and took a thank you note with a token of our great appreciation for the housekeeper!!

I’m still smiling!! 😉

© Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

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