today’s scribble (10/30/21) #villanelle with a #syllabic #senryu #series twist

As I was writing this villanelle and contemplating that the word I chose to rhyme wasn’t quite working, my mind wandered—(squirrel), what if I also place the constraints of 5-7-5 on the tercets. So here is my poem.

Life is a Journey

life has many paths
journeys cannot be undone
prepare to go forth

focus on footpaths
you can walk with anyone
life has many paths

the ways can be north
yet maps might be overdone
prepare to go forth

shine a light with truth
darkness confounds everyone
life has many paths

you may feel some wrath
it’s now time to call someone
prepare to go forth

wherever you are—
look up- always go forward
life has many paths
prepare to go forth

© Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

Here is the explanation I found of how to write a villanelle. I’m not sure how well I was able to follow these directions.

10 thoughts on “today’s scribble (10/30/21) #villanelle with a #syllabic #senryu #series twist

  1. I like your theme. I’m not a big fan of Villanelles.
    Or anything with repeated lines, forced rhymes or meter – those things are not my friends.
    You did very well, at least I think so.

    Liked by 1 person

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