2021: Week 45 #52frames – Face a Fear #myphotos

This is my 45th week’s submission. The theme is face a fear.

Title: “ Doll Hell ”

Description: Many people have a fear of dolls. Full disclosure-I do not!
This house that we inherited has a show cabinet with dolls in them. Some think it’s creepy! I have to say that when I took close ups, I could imagine why.
Since I’ve been thinking of the idea of hell, lately, I decided to portray a doll in hell. Some of my creations were ghoulish. This one was the most recognizable.

Process: I took photos of gas stove flames and added several layers (double exposure). I then also added the grunge filter. And I figuratively put this doll in hell. Hope this doesn’t freak anyone out!!


Doll Hell

My other creations:

© Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

9 thoughts on “2021: Week 45 #52frames – Face a Fear #myphotos

  1. I love the antique dolls! I have 2 both are porcelain. The older one is also a lamp and was appraised at $177 in 1990. I haven’t had it re-evaluated since -probably should for insurance purposes… Interesting techniques! (always nice to hear about the methods behind the magic)!

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  2. Okay, you inherited these freaky things. I don’t think I could live in the same house with them. Your pic is awesome though! I’m not afraid of dolls…unless they start talking.

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