2021: Week 46 #52frames – Wabi Sabi #myphoto

This is my 46th week’s submission. The theme is wabi sabi.

Title: “ Wabi Sabi Momento ”

Description: The sadness I felt when my coffee mug fell was deep. (I grew up there.) If I knew then what I know now (before gluing the cup), I would have made it a true wabi sabi (gold mixed in with glue).

***** poem *****

New York City mug 
pieces crashed 
splinters lost 

glued together 
trimmed with gold  
wabi sabi  

observe the words
that were cracked
World Trade Center*

my memory 
preserved with 
glue and paint 


*May all who died that day be remembered.

my wabisabi momento

© Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

10 thoughts on “2021: Week 46 #52frames – Wabi Sabi #myphoto

  1. I lived in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx. When I lived in NJ I saw the original towers being built.
    So different in the passing of 50 odd years. I did go back to see a play in 2015. And through the roads when on other trips… Memories, so many. And yes – may they all rest in peace.

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  2. OMG… Bobby and I both loved this one. He had recently made a bowl to give to our neighbor, but it cracked. We discussed this concept–repairing it, allowing a new beauty to emerge. He has done what he can, now we wait a while to see if the repair holds. I’ve always loved this concept.

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