2021: Week 48 #52frames – Inspired by a Photographer #myphoto

This is my 48th week’s submission. The theme is inspired by a photographer.

Title: “ South Patio Corridor-Inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe ”

Description: I was in New Mexico this past week. We visited Ghost Ranch. I took a “gazillion” photos. When I realized that Georgia O’Keeffe also took photos, I searched for some to see if any of my photos would fit. (A backwards way-but was too late to do it the other way.) I was pleased to find the photograph that Georgia took in the 1950s. While I don’t have the shadow in mine, well, I just felt inspired. The photo I’m referring to is the “North Patio Corridor” (the photo is included in this article: https://hyperallergic.com/688147/georgia-okeeffes-photographs-seen-closely-for-the-first-time/ (see screenshot below)

The corridor in my photo is the South Patio Corridor.Photo Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico


South Patio Corridor

©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

North Patio Corridor

6 thoughts on “2021: Week 48 #52frames – Inspired by a Photographer #myphoto

  1. I was lucky to be in New Mexico a few years back. The same weekend as the Hot Air Balloon festival.
    While we didn’t have all that much time for visiting the city somewhere I captured a rainbow on an adobe wall! 🙂

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