2021: Week 49 #52frames – Common Object #myphoto

This is my 49th week’s submission. The theme is common object.

Title: “ A Penny For Your Thoughts ”

Description: In the USA, this is our lowest value coin. Many don’t value the penny. It is common to find pennys on the streets (if you are looking). It is so undervalued by some, that they won’t take the time to pick one up. Others, when they find a coin know that it is a sign that someone that died is thinking of you.
The saying “a penny for your thoughts” surely was started when a penny could purchase something? These days you need hundreds to buy stuff.
Save your pennys!!


A Penny For Your Thoughts

©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

16 thoughts on “2021: Week 49 #52frames – Common Object #myphoto

  1. Well, that’s a lot of pennies. It’s true people don’t seem to care about them. I save mine up because they eventually turn into dollars. Every penny counts!

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  2. Interestingly enough I was looking into the vaule of some coins and game and travel tokens I have.
    Miss cut or off die coins (The face is off by 20 or 30%) or double stamping of the die could be worth something – well to collectors of that kind of thing anyway. 🙂

    I save wheat pennies. Not that they are valuable, but just that they are older. 🙂 Occasionally I’ll find a silver dime or quarter. But not often.

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