today’s scribble (12/13/2021) Wordle #531

I am sad and distraught about “my birds.” They quit coming to my feeders or coming into my yard. They had been coming for three years and then poof, they’re gone. Yes, I’ve managed to see one or two every so often, but we used to have 50-100 visits every day-even in fall and winter! I’ve now put up new suet/seed… how do I get the birds to come? Did someone curse my back yard? At least the squirrels returned. But once the hummingbirds left (migration) in mid October-the house finches and white wings vanished. They used to visit all through the day-even cardinals… 😭🥺😩

I miss the flutter of wings when I step outside the house. We would tell each other stories of the squirrel and bird antics. I am haunted by the feeling that somehow it is my fault. Some try to lift my spirits with words of encouragement. I feel a spark of joy when I hear my friends close by and shift my view toward the song. When I walk holding my staff (stick/cane), to ward off unleashed dogs, I see wings above flying through the trees.—I spend time willing them to come and drink the water and eat the food in our yard. I am crystal clear as to my intentions and am full of gratitude whenever I see one lonely bird in my yard. Please send positive vibes to cast away the pall that has taken over my back yard.

bird sanctuary

©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

18 thoughts on “today’s scribble (12/13/2021) Wordle #531

  1. Same here. Maybe because all the leaves have fallen, they don’t feel safe or protected by the leaves? I’m also wondering if the all the nearby construction noises have scared them away as well as the hawks.

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  2. We had been in a bird feeding band due to a mysterious illness that was killing songbirds. The signs of illness included neurological signs, eye swelling, and crusty discharge around the eyes. The birds were dying and even with testing they couldn’t figure out what the disease agent was. They did rule out all the common and known viral and bacterial diseases. Nevertheless, the number of birds declined markedly!

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  3. This is a strange thing. Why are birds disappearing? Spring may bring them back again…or in Texas, sooner than spring. I feel your sorrow over their loss. I can lend you some noisy crows!

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