2022: Week 04 #52frames – Minimalist #myphoto

This is my 4th 2022 week’s submission, and my 51st week of my 6th year—meaning that next week I will have been doing this for six years. The theme this week is Minimalist.

I have now submitted 311 photos in a row. You can go to https://52frames.com/photographer/1253 see all of my photos.

Title: “ Bin it! ”

Description: This weekend Jim and I went to visit several counties. In Gainesville, TX the sun was shining brightly and the walkways had a light hue. I decided to take photos of different objects and/or their shadows to see if I could come up with a minimalist photo.
As you can see, I was successful. I took the original and straightened and cropped it. Then I increased the exposure and the highlights. I then imported the photo into Snapseed where I used the Heal tool to remove a few leftover concrete marks and exported this photo.


Bin it!

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