2021/2022: Week 53 #52frames – Break the Rules or Impressionist #myphoto

This is my *53rd week’s submission. The theme is Break the Rules or Impressionist (the “extra credit.”)

I have now submitted 307 photos in a row. You can go to https://52frames.com/photographer/1253 see all of my photos.

Title: “ Through the Drinking Glass ”

Happy 2022 to you!!

Description: I decided to do the Impressionist challenge.

Method: The glass is partially full. I placed the glass on the table facing the window, then I placed my camera phone on the table up against the glass and took this photo.

I did not edit this photo. But I did export it through SnapSeed to convert the iphone HEIF format to jpg format so that this website can read the EXIF.

*This is 52frames leap year week. “Wait? Week 53?? Yes, every few years we have a 52Frames “leap year” due to the apparently-not-so-consistent calendar, so we have to add ONE more challenge week this year in order to reset our challenge calendar again!

#52frames_breaktherules #52frames_impressionist

Through the Drinking Glass

©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

11 thoughts on “2021/2022: Week 53 #52frames – Break the Rules or Impressionist #myphoto

  1. I like to play with water. Somewhere I have an image of a heavy rain on my porch roof or driveway.
    I wish you lived next door and could help me play with my photos.
    Anyway I think first I have to get my camera fixed the popout lens might be kaput.
    But at least I did get some images of my ‘vacation’ before it pooped.

    I may have to actually learn how to use the IPad I inherited. My grandson has shown me how he (who is now in 6th grade but has had an IPad through most of his elemenary school years)… plays with the different (for lack of a better word) image fonts.

    Cheers to you!

    PS I came home to empty feeders. Filled ’em this morning. I did see some small birds, cardinals and of course the squirrels. But since it is now 30 F at around 3p – I think the birds are all snuggling in their nests!!

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      1. Relatives have Samsung. Hubby isn’t a big Apple fan. I’m on a relative’s plan for my cell – Firefighters get either some credit or some deal with a particular company. So I never see a bill. I did have to replace my flipper… since I accidently let it take a dive in our creek (not recoverable) but one of my lovely children bought the replacement. I don’t have a working camera. Well I can take photos but I have to pay extra to get them off the phone… and that hasn’t happened yet. So I just stopped using my flipper for a camera. One of these days I’ll get those images retrived. But really none are urgent.

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