2022: Week 10 #52frames – Low Key #myphoto

This is my 10th submission for 2022. The theme this week is Low Key.

Title: “ Tulip Bouquet ”

Today, we went to Pilot Point, Texas. Texas-Tulips are open everyday (https://texas-tulips.com/ @texas.tulips)

We missed the peak and the freezes in late February and a few days ago didn’t help. Many flowers were battered, but it was still beautiful. We walked around and took some photos and I picked some tulips to bring home.

I laid the bouquet on a black board in my dark bedroom. The only light was very filtered light through shade and curtain. I set focus, and then reduced lighting. I quite like the effect of this low-key photo.


Tulip Bouquet

You can go to https://52frames.com/photographer/1253 see all of my photos.

©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

3 thoughts on “2022: Week 10 #52frames – Low Key #myphoto

  1. It looks like a painting to me 🙂

    I have a rather over exposed seagull at the shore that I took – I brought it in to size it for a round frame and the gal thought it was a painting too!

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