today’s scribble (04/06/22) Day 4 #napowrimo2022

Day 4

spring time
time flies
flies away
a way to go
go now
now is right
right place
place to shine
shine bright
bright light
light of hope
hope for peace
peace and love
love humanity
humanity fails
fails to be perfect
perfectly flawed
flawed but beautiful
beautiful spring
spring is here

PS My memory is spastic. I cannot recall what this poem form is called.

©2022 Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

In order to catch up I will not be following prompts.

6 thoughts on “today’s scribble (04/06/22) Day 4 #napowrimo2022

  1. Although it does loop, it lacks the rhyme scheme and the 4 line stanzas for that form. I think it is an abbreviated Blitz poem – instead of 2 lines there’s only one… The Blitz is a stream of consciousness kind of poem and this one certainly feels like it possesses that element! It really is good no mater what you call it!

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