today’s scribble (04/15/22) Day 14 & 15 #napowrimo #tankatuesday #specificform

I’ve been puttering in my backyard! I love watching the birds and squirrels and we are trying to become butterfly and bee friendly.

Most of the pieces are in place-flowers and plants and water dishes for the birds and squirrels. Well to be totally honest these items are for my enjoyment and pleasure…. and sometimes anxiety ensues.

I found damaged plants
killing thoughts were entertained-
petunia plants
almost destroyed by a rat*
they hunt for buried treasure

*A squirrel is a rat with a fluffy tail. 😄

This tanka prose was written for Colleen’s #tankatuesday challenge-#TankaTuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 269, 4/12/22, #Colleen’s SpecificForm:TankaProse.

©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

12 thoughts on “today’s scribble (04/15/22) Day 14 & 15 #napowrimo #tankatuesday #specificform

  1. Love the clarification of your ‘rat’! Lol! Gotta make those syllables work. 😉 My mom puts food out for her birds and squirrels. She loves watching them compete with one another for the food. Great Tanka prose, Ruth! 🙂

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