today’s scribble (04/16/22) Day 16 #napowrimo #myphoto

Carolina Wrens

Cute little birds that flit and flutter and tonight have decided (for now) to build a nest in my hanging geranium flower. It’s a beautiful plant. How will I water it, if they stay? Mother will manage that. Thank you. 🕯

two tiny birds
build a nest
fly to and fro
up and down
nest material in beak
faster and faster
then take a break to eat

to distract from predators
mother nature magic
right outside my window
I was able to catch a quick shot of one.

©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

11 thoughts on “today’s scribble (04/16/22) Day 16 #napowrimo #myphoto

    1. I am so enjoying these wrens. I hope they keep building even though I need to go out there to meditate and to feed and water birds, squirrels, and plants.

      And watching the wrens, I saw my first hummingbird!! So happy!!

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      1. we had snow last evening so not many birds yet, but I am enjoying the chick-a-dees and sparrows. Hummingbirds are so sweet. I’ve never seen any here but they were plentiful in Ontario. Enjoy!

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