today’s scribble (04/26/22) Day 26 #napowrimo #limerick

Even though I am not following the prompts, I am attempting to write more poetry especially since this is poetry month.

there once was a couple of wrens
who built them a nest, and well then
the plant needed water
the wren she did holler
all’s well and we just wonder when

Yes, a pair of Carolina wrens built a nest in my hanging geranium. It was a brand new beautiful plant. I may have already told you this? My first experience with nesting birds. I sure hope we get to see babies. But I learned early on not to put my face very close-even though I can’t see her, she can see me..,. oooops! But she came back thankfully! Here is a picture I took from inside the house.

©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

15 thoughts on “today’s scribble (04/26/22) Day 26 #napowrimo #limerick

  1. Lovely limerick! My SIL had a pair of morning doves build a nest directly over her front door! She and my BIL had to enter through the garage until they fledged as both parents were a tad territorial…

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  2. Oooh, lovely! Looks like my plant now inside, tho not necessarily my bird, tho I have several to spare, including cardinals, woodpeckers, yellow finch, a robin and a mournful nervous squirrel running underneath on the ground. I don’t think they much like the new mealworms someone donated recently. What do you prefer serving in their feeder?

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