today’s scribble (05/05/2022) Mother

she appeared harsh
deep inside was a need
just to be loved

Enlightenment comes in many forms. May you be enlightened!

©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

9 thoughts on “today’s scribble (05/05/2022) Mother

  1. So many have been hurt and thus fortify themselves against any future hurt. That can take the shape of a rough and tough exterior. Truly each person wants a special connection to others and sometimes sabotage their own efforts….

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  2. I think we all have that need, mothers or not…
    When you have a difficult mother… the relationship doesn’t always turn out to be buddy, buddy friends.
    But there is a learned tollerance that can evolve.

    There’s that saying to not judge until you have walked a mile in anothers shoes…

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