today’s scribble (05/17/2022) realization

I read something today written by a blogger who is grieving a loved one lost to death.

The depiction of the anguish and day to day coping hit my shadow self. I realized that I am still grieving multiple “deaths” and have been in grief for 30+ years.

I thought I had worked through it all, but I realize now that I must not have, because all I want to go is cry, yet can’t, because it seems so silly.

So then… I have soul work to do!

which loss got buried
in the mire of daily life
it is not just one
multiple deep scarred loses
needs eradication now

©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

12 thoughts on “today’s scribble (05/17/2022) realization

  1. I lost loved ones starting at about age three – and they haven’t stopped. Some lives were more celebrated than others. We can honor those lost by reliving happy memories, which I hope to be as numerous as the stars in any given night sky.

    Please check your email… (((Hugs))) Jules

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