today’s scribble (05/23/22) MY Weekly Smile for the 23rd of May, 2022 #weeklysmile

A Carolina Wren built a nest in my brand new hanging pink geranium pot. We watched mama and papa come and go… Our Hunting camera facing the pot, captured a few photos.

With Hunting camera

When I dared to peek, I saw baby mouths open wide. I was able to take a photo with my baby canon telescope lens.

Baby birds

And then…. on Friday, Jim hollered “they are jumping out of the nest.” Oh what fun we had watching and trying to capture some photos (hunting camera failed for still shots).

We saw 5 and then there was one more in the nest.
The sixth baby bird contemplating his descent.

This was so exciting that it took a few hours to come off our high. Here are a few more photos. Looks like you might have to click on the photos to see the itty bitty birds.

The empty nest.

You too can share your smiles. Thanks Trent!

©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

15 thoughts on “today’s scribble (05/23/22) MY Weekly Smile for the 23rd of May, 2022 #weeklysmile

      1. I have woods coming up almost to the back of my house (yes, I live in the middle of a village, but…) so there are times I’ve thought of getting something like that.

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  1. How adorable. I thought I saw one baby robin… but when I look again the nest seems empty. Maybe thte hatchling took off already. I’m going to take a quick peek right now… Though I never went too close maybe Mama thought it was too close. But the wrens in the house seem to still be there and there are chirps fromt the nest in the outside of the porch eaves 🙂

    Sometimes after a good wind or rain and there are seeds on the porch roof – right below the diningroom window I can see a family of birdies pecking at the roof for seed 🙂

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    1. I so enjoyed watching this. And I miss seeing the wrens. I never saw them (babies) again and after a few days mama and papa are elsewhere-or a hawk got them – ah nature!


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