2022: Week 21 #52frames – Inspired By A Photographer #myphoto

This is my 21st submission for 2022. The theme this week is Inspired By A Photographer.

Title: “ Inspired by Rinko Kawauchi ”

I used the randomizer to find a photo. When I read about her, I felt a kinship because I just photograph what I like and think later about what or why it caught my eye. Looking at her photos, she uses light to soften the photo and lots of pastels. Rinko is a current young photographer. Read about her here: http://rinkokawauchi.com

I wanted to share a sunflower in my garden and after looking at her photos, I played with different settings in the iphone photo app and snapseed. I am very happy with my photo.  

Whether or not it fits in as her style, is not important to me, but her photos inspired me to produce this photo/art piece.  

You can find her on Instagram here: https://instagram.com/rinkokawauchi?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= 

Thanks for stopping by!


Inspired by Kinko Kawauchi

You can go to https://52frames.com/photographer/1253 see all of my photos.

©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

7 thoughts on “2022: Week 21 #52frames – Inspired By A Photographer #myphoto

  1. This reminds me of some head on shots I took at a neighboorhood garden in Mass. a few years ago.
    One was a split head… kind of odd looking, but beautiful in its own way.

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