2022: Week 22 #52frames – Everything In Focus #myphoto

This is my 22nd submission for 2022. The theme this week is Everything in Focus.

Title: “ Flash Flood ”

I took this photo while it was still raining (at 7:11pm) and the water had started to recede. Notice the fence is down at the back. 

We live on a hill and our side of the house is the lowest point on our street.  

It started to rain at about 5:15. Before six, it was raining buckets full of water. I took a photo at 6:06 of our backyard filling up. Wow. The street drainage system was still taking the water.  

AND THEN the street was filling and it started rushing toward our house. Just as Jim was putting up the dam (yes, a door dam), the water found its way in – under one small corner-AND up through baseboards that face the driveway. A few minutes later he got the gate open so water would flow downhill. Waters drained by 730.

Some cleanup started and resumed in earnest the next day. We did not lose anything in the house except a small item in a cardboard box. We have a fence that needs rebuilt and a couple of walls to be investigated and probably be repaired. It could have been so much worse.

Thanks for stopping by!


Flash Flood

You can go to https://52frames.com/photographer/1253 see all of my photos.

©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

10 thoughts on “2022: Week 22 #52frames – Everything In Focus #myphoto

  1. The colors are inviting but the reality of the situation stinks! Glad there wasn’t as much damage as there could have been… I hope the walls won’t need to be replaced – wet wallboard is a haven for mold growth!

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  2. We’ve only had really bad flooding issues maybe four times since we have lived in our current home.
    Also at a low point in our neibhborhood! Only had damage once to a box in our lower level – Glad you can recover quickly!! Stay dry. (((Hugs)))

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