today’s scribble (06/07/22) #selfcare

My brain, emotions, and body are on overload. I told you about the flood. Adjusters and restoration were here… it’s not pretty.

We have flood insurance, but it does not cover fencing.

The room that flooded is a converted garage. When my in-laws remodeled-they created a beautiful builtins-a desk in one corner and bookcases and drawers below on another wall. It appears that this is wet at the floor level and will need to be torn out.

I will still post my photo of the week (52Frames) and the weekly TankaTuesday challenge. The rest of my posting will be documenting what is going on here during chaos and already planned family visits. I will read and comment on your posts as time and energy allow. 🥰

Nothing like living in what feels like a storage unit. (It’s not that bad-but, yeah!)

Thanks for reading.

©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

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