today’s scribble (06/09/22) #floods_stink

I had a post almost finished- and then it vanished! Oh well! Today the restoration / rescue process started.

911 Restoration

The baseboards were removed, fans and dehumidifiers put in place. The dry out process will take four days.

In the meantime all of our extra things are distributed/stacked around the rest of the house.

stuff stacked

© Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

9 thoughts on “today’s scribble (06/09/22) #floods_stink

  1. To put it in perspective, when my sister’s house survived a hurricane it took 6 weeks to dry everything out. She had to go outside to talk on the phone because the dryers sounded like a jet engine trying to take off! They finally unplugged the ones in the bedroom and bathroom at night so they could sleep!

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