2022: Week 25 #52frames – What Is It?! #myphoto

This is my 25th submission for 2022. The theme this week is What is it?.

Title: “ Thirsty? ”

What is it? This photo includes 3 (three) items. This is not a collage or a double exposure. I selected macro mode, but I don’t think that qualifies for the extra challenge.  

This photo elicited the above question from a few folks that saw it before I posted it.  

The title is your clue! 

Thanks for playing along.



You can go to https://52frames.com/photographer/1253 see all of my photos.

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©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

11 thoughts on “2022: Week 25 #52frames – What Is It?! #myphoto

      1. Reply got swallowed :
        Lovely. If that swirl on the right side is your cuppa I wouldn’t have noticed without your input.
        How lovely. How perfect. Xoxo


  1. This one makes me dizzy! Are you shooting down into a water glass? It looks more like a well, the depth is difficult to judge. Fun pic.

    Liked by 1 person

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