today’s scribble (07/02/22) #update

This last month has been a month. I’m realizing that I’ve retreated from reading and commenting. I thought I would read using the reader but turning off notifications has not worked for staying in touch with you all.

Sometimes, it seems, brains can only help with so much and then it says stop.

I’ll find my rhythm. 😎

Waiting Room

© Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

16 thoughts on “today’s scribble (07/02/22) #update

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff, Ruth dear. I rely on what I get to see in TheReader: responding and interacting with those who respond and interact with me. And even with my small following of active followers I run late many times. I cannot imagine how those with thousands of followers do it.
    You’re okay.

    That photo is lovely. Is it in celebration of July 4th? I think so. I love it. 👏 🤗

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  2. I don’t use the reader at all. I use my email and my dashboard notifications.
    My own rhythm has been off too. So now I’m playing catch-up.
    Trying to do return visits before attempting any prompts.

    Just one day at a time is all we can do. (((Hugs)))

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