2022: Week 26 #52frames – Pattern #myphoto

This is my 26th submission for 2022. The theme this week is Pattern.

Title: “ Zonal Geranium ”

According to the PictureThis app my geraniums need nutrients. The white leaves seemed special, but what that really means I was giving them too much water and not enough food! Ack! I’ll blame it on the flood (they were not touched by flood waters-🤔) so I’ll blame it on the extreme heat! They get lots of light! Ozone could also be a factor. 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Anyway this special leaf of my plant has a beautiful shape and pattern. Have a safe holiday.


Zonal Geranium
another view
the whole plant

You can go to https://52frames.com/photographer/1253 see all of my photos.

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©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

7 thoughts on “2022: Week 26 #52frames – Pattern #myphoto

  1. Some of my house plants do better than others. I’ve been trying to cut back.
    I’ve got an herb garden in my bow window and some hanging plants in the front morning facing rooms.
    And the raised outside gardens…

    I ended up getting a water meter from the local garden section of a grocery store. It also tells PH, and a light meter – the latter two I’ve not really used. Maybe I should? 😀

    I’ve taken some foliage images. Just the leaf or bark of a plant. Fun patterns 🙂

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