today’s scribble (07/13/22) #update

We advertised for a new home for the family piano. I thought someone was coming to get it tonight, I gave him our address and now silence.

I’m feeling concerned. I’m feeling like I did something unsafe. I think I am a bit overwrought and over thinking about worse case scenarios.

brain over thinks
scenarios are dark
guardians needed
birds gathering in 106° temps

© Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

15 thoughts on “today’s scribble (07/13/22) #update

  1. Sending positive thoughts your way. We had a wonderful piano we couldn’t find a home for. We ended up having to take it apart (what a mess).

    Perhaps you should report the number and name to the police? Not sure what they can do. Another relative had a pool table to get rid of. But her daughter handled it and thankfully that did work out OK.
    So I’m hoping the best for you.

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    1. Thank you! I’ve moved to another person who I think is having issues finding someone to move it for her. I told her I would wait for her (she lives three blocks away, and has three children).

      I had lots of interest, but it is a bit nerve wracking.

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      1. As I’ve been cleaning out (sorting) I think of selling… but I’ve read one can’t expect full price value or even half. Might as well donate most of it. No ‘trace’ of ownership. Most of my ‘things’ that go to charity – I don’t even get a recipt.

        Good Luck for that good home. And maybe look into a security system? (((Hugs)))

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      2. I know some folks who have that. Glad for you!!
        Once when I was much younger (in another state) and had car troubles a ‘kind’ gent helped me… but asked for my number…
        He only called me once… it wasn’t pleasant.

        Another time an older guy didn’t like my driving and started to follow me. I should have driven right to the police station… but I was able to ‘ditch’ him.

        Scary when you just don’t know how some folks will get crazy over the slightest slight…. or other thing.

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