today’s scribble (08/31/22) #stuff

Please no platitudes – I know it will pass. I know things are out of my control…. But when family members are gravely ill and friends and family die…. and when part of house floods and the day it finally starts being repaired – it almost flooded…. And the horrific heat after the flooded back yard…. (Some ongoing and started early June) Yikes!!

I will strive to give this a positive spin. I’m still here. I don’t plan to cease blogging, but my inability to think or read is diminished (not a physical thing-major stressors).

I do laugh every day and stay positive and the gray cloud does lift. My heart is a bit lighter today because it looks like the very very sick wee one (ten yrs) might truly have turned the corner in the positive direction, and his biggest brother graduated University today.

And today – one year ago – auntie died. May her memory be a blessing. 💗

© Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

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