2022: Week 35 #52frames – Edited by someone else #myphoto

This is my 35th submission for 2022. The theme is to be edited by someone else, and when you read my description, you will see I didn’t follow the “rules.”

Title: “ Spooky ”

The Prisma app edited my photo for me. The filter that was selected is named Aqua.  

These clouds grabbed my attention because their form was that of a huge plume of smoke. This filter gave me pause.  

Ready for Halloween?

Thanks for looking!



You can go to https://52frames.com/photographer/1253 see all of my photos.

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©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

17 thoughts on “2022: Week 35 #52frames – Edited by someone else #myphoto

      1. Hubby’s side gives up birthdays once you are out of your teens…
        Kinda said. But I can understand from their point of view growing up during the Depression.

        Still it is nice to get some birthday recognition… The other ‘major’ holidays… have gotten smaller with Covid. Just family, which is more than enough for my twice a year gatherings… one in spring and one in winter.

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      2. At least though it is easier to keep in touch… video face time? I could have done more it some of my elders were able. But once they retired they seemed to want nothing to do with computers.

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