today’s scribble (09/16/22) #streamofthoughts

As I sit here my brain a whirl 
watching squirrels and birds
sun is rising
contractors working
it’s cool - in the 70s
pt this afternoon- (determined not to have knee surgery)
grandchild still hospitalized miles away
hummingbirds still drinking at the feeders
mosquitoes are horrid - but we needed the rain
I’ve not had much want-to to read everyone’s posts
my brain is full of other stuff
my dad is fully recovered and I’ll see him in a few weeks
my granddaughter will feed our critters
I’ve found a program that will help to retrain my brain - ha hard headed as I am
I’ll write a poem for tankatuesday later today

I had poetic lines in my head earlier but they disappear so quickly.

a hawk is hanging about and my finches have disappeared so the bird seed is not getting eaten so fast

did you know that bluejays make nice sounds? Not just squacks. They even imitate hawks-that’s funny.

our construction of our flooded room is moving along nicely. Many fixes that should help to keep flood water out.

If you read all of that you see that my mind flits about and returns—I will not edit. 😁

If you made it this far, thank you for reading.

© Ruth Klein’s Scribbles

11 thoughts on “today’s scribble (09/16/22) #streamofthoughts

  1. Many similarities in our lives, home, people. Family.
    All the best to all the things that help us be who we want to be.
    Keeping mental focus helps with many aspects of our lives.

    I work puzzles, read, bowl, gym, write. Keeping active one way or an other – so when I do take a nap I don’t feel guilty at all!! 😀

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