2022: Week 01 #52frames – Self Portrait #myphoto

This is my 1st 2022 week’s submission, and my 48th week of my 6th year—meaning that in 4 weeks I will have been doing this for six years. The theme this week is Self Portrait.

I have now submitted 308 photos in a row. You can go to https://52frames.com/photographer/1253 see all of my photos.

Title: “ Winter in Texas ”

Description: We have experienced all four seasons the last few weeks. I have decided that 20-30F is freezing, 40-50F is cold, 60-70F can be chilly, 80F+ is hot. Our temperatures have been in the 20s up thru the 80+ in the last two weeks.
Today was a cold day – mostly cloudy and windy. I was comfortable in my winter coat while in the car. When we went for a walk, it was cold. My hood was tight and coat buttoned.Photo Location: Fort Worth TX


Winter in Texas

©Ruth Klein’s Scribbles