today’s scribble (09/19/21) What would you do? <possible triggering>

I recently learned that someone from my fundamental background is a confessed (but not charged) child sex/incest offender.

Thankfully I was not a facebook friend of his, however four of my current friends are.

I messaged these friends, and no response from two, though I know they read it. Conversation with two. One unfriended him, the other did not. The other friend just acknowledged it.

Here’s my concern. If they are facebook friends with him, it can send a signal to their children and grandchildren and church members that he is safe. He will never be safe around children – those are facts.

My question-would you stay friends with these people in facebook? Two of them share nieces and nephews with me.

Nan Markel wrote a book and is an expert, and I hope she weighs in here.

Yes, this is a personal decision, but I would like to hear your thoughts. I tagged this as part of religious trauma because I was a member of the church they are all members of, and are scattered around the USA.

Thank you!

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